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Solon Freedom Rock

Work on the Freedom Rock site and the Memorial is continuing with the coming addition of a sidewalk, a circular walkway around the Rock and lighting:

In addition, several trees which were blocking a clear view of the Memorial have been relocated outside the center and right field fence at the ballpark:  (The flags are missing in these photos due to the high winds.)

Painting of the Solon Freedom Rock was completed by artist Ray Sorenson II in late October, during a week of high winds.  The results are well worth the wait:

FR 5-1

Labor to apply 2 layers of ClearCoat was donated by Bernie Erenberger.



Rock - face

This boulder, weighing in at 39,000 pounds, standing 9 feet tall and 24 feet around, will become Solon’s Freedom Rock when it is completed.  In October, Iowa artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen II will visit Solon to paint the rock with a patriotic mural based on suggestions from the Legion. It will then serve as the Johnson County stop on a statewide tour of Freedom Rocks created by Sorensen.
The boulder, donated by the Leo Shima and Kevin Shima families, was relocated from a ditch near 140th Street off Polk Avenue to the Legion ballpark Thursday morning, August 21, by Holiday Wrecker & Crane and lowered onto a rock base prepared by Proffitt Construction.

The boulder is located off the northwest corner of the Veteran’s Memorial and is positioned to mirror the angle of the Memorial.

Rock - back

The Solon Area Community Foundation, led by Denny Gruber, Linda Linderbaum and Kevin Shima, and working with the Solon American Legion and the City of Solon, has provided up to $10,000 to cover expenses.

(You can read the full story in the August 27 edition of the Solon Economist or online at www.soloneconomist.com)

Pictures by Jim Leland: