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          BOARD MEETING OCTOBER 9TH 5:30 PM                    FLOOR MEETING 6:00 PM


A message from our Commander

Dear Legion Members and Affiliates,                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well and able to enjoy some sunshine after what seemed like a week of rain and gloomy days! I guess sometimes that comes along with fall weather in Iowa.

I just wanted to make you all aware of an event coming up soon. The city is hosting a Halloween Trunk or Treat and Spooky Trail, and inviting local businesses and organizations to play a role.

I’ll lay it out below so it’s easy to read:

October 19th

Solon Nature and Recreation Area

Trunk or Treat (5:30-7:00 pm)    Decorate a vehicle (trunk) with Halloween theme and hand out candy. (Parking lot by the Timber Dome)

Spooky Trail (6:00-8:00 pm)    Create a spooky area along the cross country trail for walkers to go through.

Proceeds from this are going to the Solon Community Center. I have been at this event in years past, and there is a LOT of traffic that goes through and families that attend. I will be at Army

training that weekend, but if you’re able to participate, respond here or call me, and I will absolutely help organize and facilitate!

Adam Hopp



A message from our Chaplain:

Date: September 13th to October 15th 1951

UN Forces: Supported by the US Air Force, American X Corps and 2nd Division, a Battalion from the Netherlands and a Battalion from France and South Korean 7th Infantry Division

UN Casualties: 3,700

Communist Forces: North Korea 6th, 12th & 13th Divisions and III Corps

China 204th Division and 68th Army

Communist Casualties 25,000

Location: Gangwon Providence, South Korea

Compass Coordinates: 38* 18′ N 128* 1′ E/38.300* N

Map Coordinates: Starting point Hill 520 to Hill 851 ending point Hill 931

Geographic description: A seven mile long hill consisting of three peaks filled in between with steep rugged valleys and slopes

UN Forces called this seven mile area “Heartbreak Ridge.”

Official outcome: Victory for the UN Forces

Unofficial outcome: The US commanders seen this as a Pyrrhic victory in the cost of men and materials for what little was gained.

North Korea still celebrates this month long battle as a North Korean victory.

The Korean War, “The Forgotten War” ended July 27th 1953 where it began three years earlier at the 38th Parallel. Heartbreak Ridge like so many other battles that define the Korean War was victorious with little to show for the suffering. These battles were hard fought to stop the onslaught of communism. In that effort, the UN forces led by the America military were victorious. All one has to do is compare South Korea to North Korea. For the families of the fallen that is some measure of consolation. I know this to be true. Because recently, I was at the Solon Care Center where I met a gentleman who fought in Korea. He is proud of his military service and for what they did for South Korea. While he is proud, he still mourns the death of his older brother who died on Heartbreak Ridge. While holding his hands I watched his soft blue eyes fill with tears as he spoke of his brother’s sacrifice for freedom. As tears slipped from our eyes we prayed for his brother who died so others could live free and for that ever evasive dream of peace.

Please take the time this month to thank our Veterans who served during the Korean War. These men and women served so the people of South Korea could live free and prosper. It is my sincere hope and prayer, that people of North Korea and China will rise up in such a way that communism will collapse under its own weight and democracy will flourish. Where freedom will no longer be a dream but a fact of life.

Doug Thompson, Chaplain