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Solon Color Guard at Veterans Day Ceremony. Solon High School.


November is a BUSY month at your Legion! We have 6 bands this month! Once again we are honored to host the Fireman’s Dance on November 9th. Adam Keith will be the band that night. Come on out and support our local First Responders and Firefighters. Come back the night before Thanksgiving to kick off a long weekend with the Trophy Dads! Mill Creek Band will once again be here on November 15th to entertain you all night!

BINGO IS BACK! Starting November 3rd at 1:00. We need your help during the BINGO season. Please consider lending a hand for a few hours on Sunday’s.


A message from our Chaplain:

November 1943 the day after Thanksgiving the HMT Rohna a British passenger ship converted to a troop transport was sunk in the Mediterranean Sea. The Rohna was transporting over a 1000 US troops. The sinking of the Rohna was unique for two reasons. First, was the loss of American life. Of the 1,138 men lost at sea; 1,015 were US military personnel. This is the largest loss of US troops at sea due to enemy action in a single incident. Second, this was the first time a radio controlled glider bomb had been used by any nation. The Germans had developed this glider bomb, launched and guided it from a plane. It was so devastating that the US and British military gave direct orders to all survivors and rescuers with the threat of court marital to never discuss what had happened.

Today this glider bomb would be what we would call a guided missile. Both British and US governments were so concern that if word of this guided missile ever leaked out it would have a devastating psychological impact upon not only their military but upon the civilian populations as well. Thus it was reported that the HMT Rohna was sunk by German U-boats and the exact number of US life lost was not reveled. It wouldn’t be until many years after the war did family members slowly start to learn the truth. By 1967 the general public was made aware of how the HMT Rohna was sunk and the loss of US life.

Let us take the time this coming Thanksgiving Day and remember the HMT Rohna and the men who died. I urge you to say a prayer for those souls lost at sea and for those who were rescued. We as a nation have much to be thankful for and in no small part because of the men and women willing to go to war to free the world of Fascism and Socialism.

We pray thee Lord, that the memory of those men lost at sea be ever sacred in our hearts. That their sacrifice, which they have offered for cause may be acceptable in thy sight. May these sailors and soldiers find repose with the sea in which they gave their lives that we might live free. Amen.

Doug Thompson, Chaplain