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Memorial Day events and protocols.

Commander Hopp will be giving a short service at 9:00 am at the Memorial site. We will be streaming the service on Facebook for those that cannot attend. If you do attend, we ask that everyone abides by the 6 foot social distancing guideline. This will be a Memorial service only. We will not be reading consecutive years etc. The high school band and Boy Scouts will not be participating this year.

The service will be able to be heard from your car if you wish to remain inside you vehicle.

Sutliff service will be at 6:00 pm on the bridge. Again, we ask everyone follow the social distancing guidelines.

In case of rain, watch Facebook or the web-site for postponement announcements.

There has been a lot of speculation on an opening date, procedures etc, for the Legion. We have carefully read the proclamation that was issued for the original 77 counties in the State. We have gone over the suggestions from the Iowa Restaurant Association and the CDC. If the rules hold true, and we are allowed to open on Saturday, it will be as the Patriot Grill. According to the proclamation bars are still not allowed to open. We can not have over 50% capacity in the restaurant at one time. The rules are listed here. These may seem extreme, you may not like them, but it is what we have to do. None of us have experienced anything like this in our life.

Legion officers & staff are meeting weekly, daily and sometimes hourly as the situation changes every day.This place may be doing something different than that place. We understand that but, this is how we are doing it. Feel free to post any questions/suggestions you may have here or send us a message.

Please help us all get through this with as little frustration as possible. We again THANK-YOU for the support you have shown us and the other local establishments during these trying times.



Monday – Saturday 11:00AM-7:00PM

Sunday’s 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Carry out, curb-side pick up and delivery is available. Full menu available all day.

Call us at 319-624-2277 to place your orders!

Please watch the Facebook page and website for the most up to date information.

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New posting on the Commanders page. 




A message from our Chaplain:

This past December, Joanie and I flew into Houston, Texas to have an early Christmas with our daughter and her family. As we headed out of the Houston airport to catch our Uber ride, I spotted a wheelchair with an USMC Globe and Anchor stitched on the back. As I approached the wheelchair I said “Semper Fi” to the young man sitting in the chair. His head quickly jerked up as he turned his head towards the voice who had uttered those words. At the same time he responded with “Semper Fi.” I stepped in front of the young man and said “Thank you for your service.” As I gazed down at this young Marine, I instinctively assessed his injuries and was pulled back 50 years and 11 months, to another time, when I took care of another Marine, who I refer to as America’s Son. Like America’s Son this young Marine’s wounds were very similar; he was missing both legs at mid-thigh, his left hand at the wrist and the little finger of right hand. As I gazed at his missing legs and hand his smile began to fade. Then I looked into his dark brown eyes and I softly said, “I am an old Navy Corpsman.” His eyes lit up, a wide smile broke across his face, as he exclaimed “We love our Corpsmen!” Then he reached up to hug me, as we embraced I said, “We love our Marines.” For that brief moment in time it was as if the spirit of America’s Son stood with us.

Two men, two generations apart, who have never met, yet seemed to know each other in a way that only former military men can. As we separated from our embrace, he asked, “What is your name?” I in turn asked him for his name, “Carlos” he replied. Then we shook hands, like old friends as we repeated each other’s’ name. Then as if he knew the emotions that were flooding through me, he said, “Thank you for what you have done for us Doc. I love you guys, you’re the best.”

I responded “Thank you, and thank you for your service and sacrifices. We owe you a large debt that can never be repaid.”

In a causal manner, he said “It was nothing.”

Seeing my ride pull up, I said “I have to go, my ride is here. Stay strong brother always stay strong.”

He smiled and replied, “Always Doc, always.”

Without words, we embraced one last time.  Then I turned to leave the airport while fighting back tears that threatened to expose the deep emotions that I held at bay.  I turned around and waved good-bye as his words “It was nothing” echoed through my heart. I felt so humbled, to be embraced by this young warrior.

This Memorial Day, let us not forget these young warriors like Carlos. Let us pray that these seemingly unending wars will end and peace will embrace the world, the way an old veteran and a young veteran embraced each other in a Texas airport.

Doug Thompson, Chaplain