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Officers / Board

POST OFFICERS     2017 – 2018

Commander  –  Jim Leland
Vice-Commander  –  Adam Hopp
Adjutant  –  D.R. Miller

Membership – D.R. Miller / Steve Hirl
Finance Officer  –  Curt Phillips
Chaplain  –  Doug Thompson
Service Officer  –  Bernie Erenberger
Sgt at Arms  –  Denny Hansen
Historian  –  Open
Bldg & Grounds  –  Tom Clingerman / Bill Meyer

Boys State – John McFarland

Bar Manager – Cliff Bohling

Floor meetings are held on the second Monday of even-numbered months at the Legion at 7:00 PM


Tom Clingerman

Denny Hanson

Jim Croy

Jim Leland

D.R. Miller

Curt Phillips

Carilyn Morse – Auxiliary

Patrick Dolphin-Leahy – SAL Commander

Scott Storck – ALR President

By Invitation

Cliff Bohling – Bar Manager

Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of odd-numbered months at the Legion at 7:00 PM